Every 45 days, The Artisan Tea Academy publishes a tea science periodical containing a minimum of three chapters. The first chapter is a summary of a recently published refereed tea science journal article. The following chapters also summarise specific tea science articles chosen for the purpose of a deeper dive into key scientific aspects mentioned in the first chapter. Each chapter’s goal is to take complex scientific concepts and present them in the simplest terms possible to make tea science accessible to everyone. In some cases where a scientific concept has not been explored sufficiently in an article, outside articles have been consulted and referenced. At the end of each chapter is a quiz to test how much knowledge you have retained. At the end of each book, there is a tea vocabulary list and example sentences in Chinese relating to chapters in the book. This is for anyone who is studying Chinese and wants to engage in conversation about tea with their Chinese-speaking tea friends.

The Artisan Tea Academy's
Tea Science Periodicals:
Volume 2
Published 11 November 2020

The health effects of aged puerh tea
A human study of weight-loss effects of puerh tea
Tea plant taxonomy

The Artisan Tea Academy's
Tea Science Periodicals:
Volume 1
Published 27 September 2020

Water choice for brewing tea
The science and health benefits of catechins
The science and health benefits of theaflavins, thearubigins, theasinensins

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